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. Product Resource Guide (CBO)
Roadmap to Trams Product Resources for ClientBase Online

Basic ClientBase Online Invoicing

CBO Set Up SMTP Email
Directions to set up CBO with to use SMTP Email

ClientBase Online Basic Setup Steps
Basic Setup for CBO

ClientBase Online Commission Tracking
Set Up Reminders to Track Client Commission

ClientBase Online QuickStart Training Program
This document walks you learning CBO in small increments

Configuring Single Sign on for ClientBase Online within Sabre Red Workspace
Configuring Single Sign On for ClientBase Online within Sabre Red Workspace

Sabre Vacations Canada Live Connect Set Up
Step by Step instructions on how to properly set up Sabre Vacations Canada

Using ClientBase Online and Vacation Port to Create/Send Emails

Recorded Training

IMPORTANT NOTE: For maximum utilization, use Google Chrome to access recordings. (May take a few moments to download.)

. Version 4.02.00 CBO Enhancements
Learn about all the new ClientBase Online 4.02 enhancements

..Differences between ClientBase Windows and ClientBase Online (21 minutes)
Learn how the look and features in ClientBase Windows and ClientBase Online differ

a. Overview (CBO)
ClientBase Online program overview

b. ClientBase Online Setup
Basic CBO setup steps

c. Basics: CBO Profiles 4 minutes
Overview of CBO profiles

d. Basics: CBO Merge to PNR 3 minutes
Merge to PNR Demo

d1. Basics: CBO PNR Import – 5minutes
Merge to PNR Demo

e. Basics: Marketing Codes 4 minutes
Using Marketing Codes

f. Basics: Using Res Cards and Reminders – Part 1 (CBO)
Overview and creation of a basic Res Card with reminder to follow up

g. Using Res Cards for Trip Proposals, Invoices, and Itineraries – Part 2 (CBO)
Using Res Cards to create Trip Proposals, Invoices and Itineraries

h. Using Res Cards – Part 3 (CBO)
Advanced Res Cards Skills

h1. Building an FIT Part 1 (20 minutes)
Building a Res Card for a Lead on an FIT

h2. Building an FIT Part 2 (20 minutes)
Adding Reservations and Service Providers.

h3. Building an FIT Part 3 (20 minutes)

h4. Building an FIT Part 4 (20 minutes)

i. Using Live Connect to Arrange Travel (CBO)
Book Reservations and Import Reservation Details Using Live Connect

j. Using Searches (CBO)
Overview of Global and Personal Searches/Simple and Advanced Searches