Recognize Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bon Voyage, Welcome Home,

Thank You for Your Referrals and More with TouchBase!




TouchBase enables you to “touch” your clients by sending them greetings and/or reminders at regular intervals.

Touchbase uses the information you have gathered from your clients and stored in ClientBase such as date of birth, wedding anniversary, passport expiration date, trip departure date, and trip return date.

How it Works

We synchronize a copy of your ClientBase on a regular basis. You choose the greetings you’d like to send, and we do the rest!

What is the Cost?

$39 per month (consortia discounts may apply) for up to 5000 sends per greeting, additional sends are 1 cent each.

Couldn’t I Do This Myself?

You absolutely can! Many agencies are finding they run out of time to do these basic marketing chores. No matter how busy you get, TouchBase will send out greetings for you.

Samples of Our e-Greetings: