What combination of products does your business use?

Due to interdependencies across our Trams and ClientBase programs, the current product version suitable for your agency is dependent on the unique combination of products that your agency is using. Use the grid below and carefully identify what products your agency uses to access the appropriate update files.

View the latest System Requirements here.


Trams Back Office & ClientBase Installation Files

Previous Trams Back Office & ClientBase Update Files

Miscellaneous Downloads

Below is a list of Miscellaneous Downloads for our products. Scroll down to access instructions for the download you are looking for.

  • Most Current Database Updates for Credit Card Encryption
  • Globally Creating Interface ID’s in ClientBase
  • Unattended Installation or Update of ClientBase Files
  • Workstation GDS API Files Necessary for ClientBase Online
Globally Creating Interface ID’s in ClientBase

If your ClientBase profiles are lacking Interface IDs and you would like to run a routine that automatically assigns an Interface ID to each profile that does not contain one, use our Interface ID Generator Utility. This utility can be used to automatically create Interface IDs for those profiles that do not have any. Be sure that you have a restorable backup of the ClientBase database before running this utility.

Download the Interface ID Generator Utility and usage directions here.  

Workstation GDS API Files Necessary for ClientBase Online

ClientBase Online requires certain GDS API files to be installed on each workstation in order for the PNR Import feature to function.

PNR Import accesses reservations stored within an Apollo/Galileo, Sabre, or World span PNR for import into ClientBase Online, so that new reservation records can be created and added within the reservation tab of the Res Card. Once the new reservations reside in the Res Card, print out trip proposals, itineraries, or add additional reservations using Live Connect and generate invoices.

These workstation API files are also needed by MySabre agencies using sabwinapi to enable the Merge to PNR feature.

Merge to PNR provides ClientBase users with the ability to move customer information (maintained in ClientBase profiles) to the reservation system’s PNR.

Note:  User must have administrative rights on computer in order to install these files.

Sabre Red Users: An API is the tool ClientBase uses to connect to the Sabre Host. In order for PNR Import (and Merge to PNR) to work, you must enable the MySabre Emulator within Sabre Red. Enable the MySabre Emulator by launching Sabre Red and going to Tools|Options|Sabre System|Advanced and check MySabre Emulator. After placing a check in the setting MySabre Emulator and clicking OK, a message informs you to log out and log in again to activate the MySabre Emulator.

Sabre Red 360 for Windows Users: You must be running CBW version 4.4 or above, as this platform includes the Sabre API needed to communicate directly with Sabre. TA Sharing must be enabled.

Worldspan Agencies
  • If you have not already done so, contact your Worldspan Account Manager to enable a DIR Device, assign you a unique agency Pool Name, and Obtain a unique agency Connection ID.
  • For all users, download and save the following cbbcomps utility here.
  • Run on each workstation to install and register the necessary Worldspan files for the PNR Import feature to work. During this process you will be prompted for your unique agency Connection ID obtained in Step 1 above.
  • ClientBase needs to pass an Agent Sine, and your Agency Pool Name to Worldspan when PNR Import is performed. To set this so it defaults automatically, you can enter each Agent Sine and
  • Agency Pool Name into each User Login record.

To do this, have each User log into ClientBase and go to Tools|My Login|PNR Import. Click Add and set the CRS to Worldspan, entering agent’s login Sine into Agent Sine, and Agency Pool Name into the field Pool Name. Each time this User performs a PNR Import the Agent Sine and Agency Pool Name default automatically.