7) Working With Your Consortium Benefits

Cloud-Based gives users working with their consortia or other centralized systems advantages. Not only is access to who you give permission to easier, but now your consortium can make marketing tables and codes that each member points to. One change by the consortia and every user is immediately updated. Want to use a list of supplier profiles from your consortium? Easy.

With distributed technology, a consortium must go thru many difficult and expensive hurdles to get outdated data. Each agency has data running locally so the first step is a synchronization routine that makes a copy of the data to a server at Trams. Then the consortium accesses those databases and does a synchronization to the consortia’s server and their database. That server and database need to be developed and maintained and hosted and data move back and forth from: all at costs and maintenance costs. All these routines are eliminated with Tres cloud based. Consortia can directly access – read data from and write marketing data back to – members without backups, separate database, data moves or any other overhead. And all the access is free of charge. Note that agencies have complete ownership, control, and security of who accesses their data. And everyone is working from current, updated data.