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…Amadeus Merge to PNR Mapping Guide
Amadeus Merge to PNR Mapping Guide



…Worldspan Merge to PNR Mapping Guide.pdf
Worldspan Merge to PNR Mapping Guide.pdf

..Amadeus Sample Invoice PNR Rules
Amadeus Sample Invoice PNR Rules

..Apollo Sample Invoice PNR Rules
Apollo Sample Invoice PNR Rules

..Sabre Sample Invoice PNR Rules
Sample Sabre Invoice PNR Rules

..Worldspan Sample Invoice PNR Rules
Worldspan Sample Invoice PNR Rules

.Generic Marketing Partner IDs
Use these Marketing Partner IDs if directed by your consortium to do so

.Product Resource Guide (CBW)
Roadmap to Trams Product Resources for ClientBase Windows

Adding Agent Logos
Do agency agents have unique logos? Here are directions on adding them.

Best Marketing Practices
Use Queries in the Profile Manager to do Some Marketing to Clients

CBW Setup SMTP Email
Set Up ClientBase to use SMTP Email

ClientBase Default Marketing Codes
Generic Marketing Codes

ClientBase Inventory: Setup/Usage
Learn how to create and pull inventory in ClientBase

ClientBase Overview: For Administrators

ClientBase Overview: For ClientBase Users

ClientBase QuickStart Training Program

ClientBase Reports to Train, Market and Understand Data

Creative Saved Queries

Handling Groups in ClientBase Windows and Trams Back Office
This document walks you through handling groups in ClientBase Windows and Trams Back Office.

Quick Steps to Create a Res Card and Invoice in ClientBase

Set Up Sabre Vacations Canada
Step by step instructions to get Sabre Vacations Canada set up for usage.

Using ClientBase and VacationPort to Create/Send Emails
Create HTML emails using Passport Online

Vendor ID’s
Current list of Vendor IDs for Marketing and Suggested Interface IDs

Recorded Training

IMPORTANT NOTE: For maximum utilization, use Google Chrome to access recordings. (May take a few moments to download.)

.ClientBase Windows Enhancements v. 4.00
Learn the lastest Enhancements in version 4.00

a. ClientBase Windows Overview and Profiles
11 recordings: ClientBase Windows Overview, Getting Started with Profiles , Merge to PNR, Marketing codes, and My Login.

b. Understanding Queries in ClientBase Windows
3 Recordings: Level 1, 2, 3 Queries, Saving Queries, and Date Formulas

c. ClientBase Windows Res Card Functionality – Advanced and Basic
7 recordings: Basic Res Card & Invoice, Svc Providers, Adv Res Card functions, Itemized Pricing, Ins. Prompts, Svc. Fees, Remind

d. Using Activity Manager to Organize Your Day
2 recordings: Creating Daily Reminders and Query

e. ClientBase Windows:  Administrator Setup Global Defaults
Review of Global Defaults in ClientBase Windows

h. Agents: Communicate with Customers with Merge to Docs, Labels and Emails
Intermediate Level…Merge to Docs/Labels (how to choose, modify, print, create mailers)

k. Agents: Using Live Connect to Arrange Travel
Learn how to use Live Connect to create reservations

l. Agents: Inventory Manager – Using Inventory
Overview, Setup/demonstration of inventory usage

m. Management/Marketing: Use Reports to Manage, Market & Understand Your Database
Beginner/Intermediate…learn how to query and run reports in ClientBase.

n. Management/Marketing: Query and Print Labels and Letters

o. Management/Marketing: Setting Up Inventory
Setup in ClientBase Inventory by use of your agents

p. Specialty: Enhanced Group Management in Trams Back Office and ClientBase Windows
Intermediate/Advanced Level … Bookkeeper/Manager/Group Specialist

q. Specialty: TBO/CB – Crystal Reports, Additional Training Resources, Software Updates
Intermediate/Advanced Level..learn about Trams Crystal Reports and more.

r. Specialty: CB/TBO: Automate Trams Procedures
Intermediate/Advanced Level – Geared to Managers and Database Administrators

s. Advanced: Setting up to Invoice from Res Cards
Intermediate/Advanced Level

t. Advanced: Setting Up Res Card Defaults
Intermediate/Advanced Level

u. Advanced: Customizing Res Card Trip Documents
Intermediate/Advanced Level

v. Advanced: Setting Up Live Connect for Agency Use
Intermediate/Advanced Level

w. Advanced: Dashboard Reports – Keeping Your Business on Track
Using Dashboard Reports as a business management tool.

x. Advanced: Establishing Headers/Footers, Document Templates, Labels and Emails
Intermediate/Advanced Level

y. Agency Database Backup and Maintenance Guidelines
Backup tips including automated scheduling for this most important process.

z. a. Sabre Vacations Canada Setup Instructions
Learn to set up Sabre Vacations Canada Live Connect

z. b. Sabre Vacations Canada – How to Book a Reservation
Do a booking in Sabre Vacations Canada

z. c.  Why Do I keep Getting Sync Errors
Why Do I keep Getting Sync Errors? (25 minutes)