Tres Technologies acquires the Trams assets from Sabre

Trams was recently re-acquired by its original ownership and operating team led by Lee Rosen.

The original designers and operators of Trams are developing a new, fully hosted, and combined CRM/Back Office system under the company and product name of “Tres”. Designed from their experience, the team is employing hosted technology and many new approaches to software development to create a significantly better and easier to use CRM/Back Office solution.

Sabre/ Trams realized the benefits of the new technology and agreed migration on a time frame chosen by users made sense for all involved. Sabre and Tres entered an agreement for Tres to take ownership and operations of Trams effective April 1, 2021.

Users have the option of converting on a time frame that best works for them. Application functionality and integration with used programs will be addressed by a personal conversion specialist as part of the migration plan. Existing data in Trams systems will be converted to Tres as part of the conversion process and hence all historical data still readily available.

Pricing for Tres is similar to the pricing of Trams products. Although hosting will be included so agencies will save 100% of their hosting fees for Trams products. As a hosted application Tres will also no longer charge consortia for members’ data access.

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